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Where the hell is Dewy Rose?

Dewy Rose is a small community in Elbert County outside of Elberton. It is not a town or a city, it is a community. It has a post office and it's own zip code (30634), but not much else.

I live on the Davis family land. The land includes a green house business, my in-laws' house and a lovely double wide mobile home where my hubby and I currently live rent free. It is somewhere around one hundred acres of country, and outside my window I see trees, cows, squirrels, birds and occasionally chipmunks and rabbits. Sounds like a Disney movie right?

Except I am so not a country southern belle. I was born in the projects of the South Bronx, I grew up in Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico ten minutes away from beaches, I do not drive, I do not drink sweet tea, and I have a irrational fear of insects. I am a Puerto Rican girl living in a small town who is about to start teaching Spanish to High School students whose parents might call Spanish "Mexican".

Michael and I discussed startin…