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My daddy

I am a daddy’s girl all the way.  I grew up with my father, my mother and two older brothers.  I have always considered myself a “guy’s girl” because I was always close to those three men.  We watched baseball and basketball and fights.  We watched Westerns and Gangster movies.  I can be girlie too, don’t get me wrong; but I was raised with brothers and for the most part my dad did not differentiate between me and them.
I always tell people my dad was a feminist.  For a Puerto Rican male born in the 40s this is something rare.  I do not know what he said to the world.  He might have cracked sexist jokes or what not – but I never saw that side of him so I do not know.  I know the way he treated my mom on occasion was not the way he brought me up to be treated.  Maybe that is hypocritical, I don’t know.  But I prefer to view it as him wanting his kid do better and go further.  I honestly do not think he was always conscience of what he was doing.  To this day I don’t think he would open…