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RIP Catalina... you will be missed.

I didn't have a lot of material things growing up.  We were poor.  Not dirt poor.  It's not like we ever went hungry or anything.  But we didn't have a lot of luxuries in our humble household.  Mom and dad both worked back breaking jobs.  My brothers and I had some chores around the house, but especially me and my brother who is just a year older than I, our main job was to study.  We were always in advanced classes and even though we went to public school, we made it in, and graduated, from the best school in our area.  We grew up hearing about the "real" hardships our parents faced in their youth. A constant reminder of how good we had it.
I have been fortunate in my life and, as I'm sure my parents planned all along, have a better life than they did when it comes to luxuries in life.  It is easy when you grow up poor to rationalize getting something you never thought you could.  When it came to hiring a cleaning lady though, I resisted.  It was such a taboo…