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Life in the new year...and years past.

Well, it is 2011 and I can hardly believe how fast time is going.  Happy New Year to all of you! Much love from the country.

It's been weeks since I have blogged, for one simple reason: I am pregnant.  There is nothing wrong with me, but I have found that carrying around a human being inside you tends to slow you down some.  I am used to multitasking, but I am growing larger and clumsier by the day so my attention needs to be more focused on what I do, therefore making me cut  down on what I do.  It's a well known biological fact that pregnant ladies tend to get clumsier in their last trimester.  Those who know me know this is a problem for I am blind and have always been clumsy.  And so, nature has told me to slow down, which means I have not done all the usual things I do around the holidays.

For instance, if you did not receive a holiday card from me, you were not the only  one.  I didn't send any this year.  I never actually got around to buying them and addressing them …