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The Blind and the beautiful

I am blind. I frequently try to explain it to people but it usually doesn't quite sink in until they get to know me well. That is partially my fault because I am incredibly vain and don't let people see me in my glasses regularly.

How blind am I? I am the blindest person I know. I have been wearing glasses since I was 2 years old. My amazing mother could tell there was something wrong with me because whenever I was given something I apparently brought it up to my face to see. Obviously I could not speak and I am still not sure how a Pediatric Ophthalmologist works but I am grateful that they exist. When I was a child my prescription had to be changed every six months because my myopia is progressive and degenerated very quickly. This, I am told is a freak of nature kind of thing. It is rare, and no one else in my family is as blind as I.

Myopia is corrected with what is called concave lenses, which mean they are slimmer in the middle and wider at the end forming sort of a cup. …