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On being the other

The concept of "the other" is something that is studied in school in history, sociology, literature, psychology and a whole bunch of other fields.  I don't remember ever hearing about it until I was an undergrad in Mayaguez majoring in Political Science.  At that time, a Puerto Rican studying at one of the campuses of the University of Puerto Rico (the best one, btw) it was hard to feel my "otherness".  In the only way I could truly relate was in being female in a male centric world, especially in such a sexist Latin society.  Alas, I was a feminist.  Really, my brother would say I was a femi-nazi because I was a bit extreme at times, I admit it.

Later, when I moved to Georgia I realized what it really meant to be "the other".  All of a sudden I was considered "a minority" because I was Hispanic, something I never really had to face before.  It is not like I sat around thinking about it.  Truth be told with a name like Lisa, and such fair sk…

Peppy the Parasite and his Paleo Papa

For those who don't already know, my husband Michael  has started blogging:
The focus of his blog is his latest obsession: the Paleo Diet, together with his obsession with Crossfit which has been going on for quite some time now.  As far as obsessions go, it is a good one.  I don't want to seem whiny here.  Once I was complaining to my friend and former colleague Jason about how much Michael worked.  He does work ALL THE TIME.  At that point I believe we were engaged already and I think I told Jason something to the effect that that was really what we fought about, how he spends his time.  Jason gave me that look people give you when you are insane and don't know it.  "Hold on" he said. "You guys have been together for almost 4 years now and all you fight about is he works too much? You are lucky and need to check yourself." Before I wreck myself- he meant.  He was right.  I am lucky.  Michael and I occasionally ha…

Barefoot and pregnant

Yes, the Country Rican lives in a trailer and is in fact: barefoot and pregnant.

Remember that anniversary trip to Brevard, NC?  Where Michael broke his toe (it still has not healed) and we chased waterfalls where others have died?  It appears we also made a baby!  Happy Anniversary to us! I have always thought of North Carolina as the best state in the union for many reasons: great schools, beaches, mountains, good weather, the second biggest financial center in the country, etc.. So let's just add one more to the list.

It is intense, and wonderful, and scary... all at the same time. I am now 9 weeks, and have known for a little over a month.  Michael and I chose to keep the news to ourselves for a little bit, then told our immediate family and family of friends.  It has been spreading like wildfire, and I am proud to say everyone has obeyed my wishes and it has been kept off of facebook.  I really dreaded the idea of someone close to me getting the news through a facebook update…