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I love my brothers.  I do.  When I look back at my life it is hard to imagine my life without them.  Of course, I am the youngest and so they have always been there.  Kano was an only child for seven whole years! Lucho was the baby for a year and a half!  I was born with two brothers and would not have any other way.
It was not always that way.  There were many times when I wondered why I couldn’t have a little sister.  Someone younger than me to torture as Lucho tortured me.  Or maybe we could trade him for girl?  J  I say this now because I am sure there were many times as kids when he was stuck with his wimpy nerdy sister that he wished to trade me in for a little brother; and because after years of wishing for a sister I feel blessed to have brothers instead.  I’m a guy’s girl.  I have always been better in a circle of guys and I know it’s because I had them with me all through my life.
Kano is almost nine years older than me, and he left home for the first time when he was 16 so …