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Pregnancy... baby blog

OK, so I want to warn those of you who are not interested in all this to skip this blog entry.  I understand there are some out there who are not too interested in the whole "creating life" thing.  For me, it consumes me for obvious reasons. 

I am now 22 weeks pregnant.  My due date is March 5th for those of you who can't do math or don't care to... but I feel strongly that I will have a February baby.  I write this as I watch the Georgia Florida's not going too good... I tell you this because it is my intention to post some pictures, and even though I am huge, I am currently wearing non pregnancy clothes.  OK, so it's a GA T shirt and sweats but still: Go me!

My first trimester felt a little like torture.  I realize I am very lucky that I only threw up once towards the end of the trimester.  However, I was nauseous all the time.  ALL THE TIME!  For the men out there, or the women who have not been blessed with pregnancy yet, believe me, it was pre…

PiGi... we think.

Wow...I have seriously neglected the blog.  I have been busy though, as those of you closer to me know.  I was in Puerto Rico for 9 days visiting with my parents and brothers and nieces.  It was a nice calm time.  Forcibly calm, since I am pregnant and do not drink, there was no clubbing or Medallas for me.  Plus, we had record rainfall during that week so there was not much beach time either.  Kano and I managed to sneak in one beach morning before the rain hit which was fabulous.  Otherwise, it was rain all the time.  We actually broke the record for most rain in a years time the first week of October - ever.  Or at least since they have been keeping records.  Some areas got 15 inches of rain in 5 days.  Yeah... But it was a good time nevertheless.  My Mami spoils me terribly on regular trips, try to imagine the spoiling going on when I'm pregnant.

My mom and aunt had a baby shower for me.  Most of my high school buddies and some family members came by.  It was a good time and my…