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OK, so I want to warn those of you who are not interested in all this to skip this blog entry.  I understand there are some out there who are not too interested in the whole "creating life" thing.  For me, it consumes me for obvious reasons. 

I am now 22 weeks pregnant.  My due date is March 5th for those of you who can't do math or don't care to... but I feel strongly that I will have a February baby.  I write this as I watch the Georgia Florida's not going too good... I tell you this because it is my intention to post some pictures, and even though I am huge, I am currently wearing non pregnancy clothes.  OK, so it's a GA T shirt and sweats but still: Go me!
Not very attractive, I know...

My first trimester felt a little like torture.  I realize I am very lucky that I only threw up once towards the end of the trimester.  However, I was nauseous all the time.  ALL THE TIME!  For the men out there, or the women who have not been blessed with pregnancy yet, believe me, it was pretty awful. 

I was quite hormonal as well.  Poor Michael had no idea what to do with me.  Lunch time was the worse.  I would regularly cry during my lunch break.  Sometimes out of a sudden sadness, sometimes out of frustration, sometimes just because.  Once or twice I cried because I was hungry but had no appetite for anything.  It is an odd feeling.  The good news is after a good cry I was usually ready for the afternoon.  Michael just made it a habit of opening his arms in the kitchen as we were deciding what to eat and holding me for 5 minutes while I boo hoo'ed on his shoulder.  What else can the man do?

After the nausea went away came the head aches.  Every day.  My OB had warned me about the frequent head aches between week 14-19 but I just didn't realize he meant one every day.  It was a nuisance, but still not as bad as the nausea so I was happy. Then came the the tendinitis.  For a short period of time, my wrists ad forearms were achy.  The Dr. said all he could say was that is was not Carpel Tunnel, that he figures it was a case of pregnancy tendinitis and that it will come and go.  Sorry, no drugs in my current state.

I went to Puerto Rico for a much needed break.  When I came back I was 19 weeks, my headaches had gone away and so had the tendinitis.  Some may say it was just time for me to reach what is known as the "pregnancy honeymoon", but I am convince i was the family time in the tropics.

side view
Anyway, Michael and i have been trying out names.  We have not decided on anything for sure, but we are leaning towards Sofia ______ because we cannot agree on a middle name.  Sofia, comes from the Greek meaning wisdom, and it is pronounced the same in English and in Spanish.  Muy importante.  So we welcome any middle name suggestions you people may have to contribute.  But please, no negative feedback on Sofia.  That may be her name forever and you may not want to be known as the jerk who criticised our baby girl's name.

We have purchased a crib, and a small dresser/changing table.  I am proud to announce the table is put together.  The crib however is still in the box.  Hopefully next week when Michael is off we will get it done.

I am getting bigger and bigger every day.  I am now 150 lbs.-the most I have ever weighed in my life and I am but half way there.  Michael says I am cute, but I am carrying his baby so he sort of has to say that.  I find that on some days I definitely glow, on those days I constantly say out loud "I am one gorgeous mama".  But on most days I think I just look fat and tired.  That is because I am fat and tired... 

I felt the baby move shortly after I returned from Puerto Rico, so I would have been 20 weeks or so.  Michael and I were reading in bed and I felt a tiny pop in my stomach that I was not sure if it was her, or just gas.  Late that night when I was up in bed I felt a "pop pop pop" and realized it was her.  That morning I told Michael that either she was kicking me or I swallowed a pop corn machine.  To which Michael responded " I might have slipped one of those into your morning eggs yesterday."

Then at some point last week the real kicks started.  I can still feel the small pops, but every once in awhile I feel a power kick.  I like to picture her in my womb like Beatrix Kiddo (a.k.a. The Bride - come on people, you need to watch more movies).  Michael says she is obviously extremely bright because she knows exactly where my bladder is.  It is definitely strange to feel her moving and kicking in there.  It still does not happen very frequently so at times I am taken aback by the "Thump!" inside me.  I was eating pizza the other day and she just started kicking like Jackie Chan.  I thought it was a sign she would love pizza as I do, but now she just kicks whenever I am eating.

There are a lot of adjustments to be made during pregnancy.  For one, it is getting harder for me to put on my shoes and get out of bed.  One terrible side effect is heart burn- which I just had for the first time.  It was so odd, that I did not even know what it was.  All I know is I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up a little in my mouth.  Yeah, you read correctly.  It freaked me out.  At 1 am I found myself thinking about that dude in AC/DC that died from chocking on his own vomit.  Michael later reminded me of John Bonham  too.  I mean, I had heard about heartburn and pregnancy, but how was I supposed to know it has little to do with your heart burning.

Oh! And my belly button is on it's way out. Look:
The thing is huge!

I used to have a lovely's coming out fast and I hope it goes back in after baby.  Also, you may also notice that the infamous "linea negra' is starting to form.  Eventually I should have a dark line of hair on my belly, which is quite common for us pregnant ladies who are not anglo... but it goes away after baby so I'm OK.

One really good thing that is happening is how nice people are to me.  On my trip to Puerto Rico people were unbelievably nice to me at the airport.  Just today I was right in front f this couple looking at movies and I was totally blocking their line of sight.  When I realized it I apologized and they were like "Oh, no you are fine! When are you due?"  I think I could be a total asshole and people will be like "Oh look how cute: A pregnant asshole!" It's pretty cool.

Here are some more belly pics for those of you who care:


  1. I NEED Nisha to read this. Gives me hope of changing her mind

    Sofia is a great name

    Don't forget Keith Moon - I think he chocked on his vomit as well

  2. those's a baby in there. li'l sophia cristina...kicking around and what not. can't wait 2 show mom and here at like 1015 and mom dad and the girls r out...1015 on saturday nite. wth? on halloween i should talk..i'm home at 1015. will show 'em in the am. mucho love...go u!

  3. I read it. I'm fine. I've seen worse. You must forget what I do for a living.

  4. Love the blog I always smile when I read your blogs! I love the name Sophia: Sophia Marie? Sophia Elizabeth? You look great, and I love the belly!!!! Love and miss you very much!

  5. I love the name Sofia!!!! Its perfect. And your belly is adorable. I always enjoyed eating like a horse and not having to suck your stomach in afterwards!

  6. I love, love the name Sofia-- you are a gorgeous Mama :)

  7. I have always loved the name Sofia! Sofia Isabel/Isobel? Sofia Gabriela? I think names that have common letters in both the first and last (or, even middle)look nice together and thats also important (even if it is only until she's married).

    Sofia Isabel/Isobel Davis :)

    P.s. love the descriptions- seriously. It's refreshing to read blogs where people can actually write :)

  8. I love the name Sofia. It is beautiful and classic. The belly button thing is weird, but it should go back to normal after you have the baby.


  9. What about Sofia Biblio as in wise one who reads books? you could call her Bibby. Or you could go with the obvious answer of Nichole, since it has been a great middle name for me. Just saying if you really care at all about book club you will sneak something in name about it.

  10. mom says que le pongas sofia and dad says lisa ahi poniendo fotos de la barriga en el internet. and now they r sitting here discussing all the possible names. mom says..eso se hay que dejarlo solo...sofia...he dicho. lmao. they're still going. i got one...sofia lorena...since u never said anything about sofia cristina. how about sofia krystal...hehe. ok...g2g...we love u. paz y mas.


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