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My daddy

I am a daddy’s girl all the way.  I grew up with my father, my mother and two older brothers.  I have always considered myself a “guy’s girl” because I was always close to those three men.  We watched baseball and basketball and fights.  We watched Westerns and Gangster movies.  I can be girlie too, don’t get me wrong; but I was raised with brothers and for the most part my dad did not differentiate between me and them.
I always tell people my dad was a feminist.  For a Puerto Rican male born in the 40s this is something rare.  I do not know what he said to the world.  He might have cracked sexist jokes or what not – but I never saw that side of him so I do not know.  I know the way he treated my mom on occasion was not the way he brought me up to be treated.  Maybe that is hypocritical, I don’t know.  But I prefer to view it as him wanting his kid do better and go further.  I honestly do not think he was always conscience of what he was doing.  To this day I don’t think he would open…

To the class of 2015...sorta

It was twenty years ago I graduated from The University of Puerto Rico – Mayaguez (COLEGIO) with my bachelor’s in Political Science.  Yes, I am THAT old.  I look around my wonderful life now, and think back to who I was then and what my whole world view was back then and it is amazing how much things have changed.  For one, at the age of 21 living in a small town in Puerto Rico, I had no idea there was a place called Dewy Rose where I would one day live, work and happily raise a family.
The world has changed a lot in twenty years, but not so much that I am going to sit here and reminisce about the so called good old days.  I am an optimist and I want to always think we are better off now then we were then.  I want to raise my girls to live in today and for tomorrow and not for yesterday.  But at the risk of being cliché those who do not learn from history…well, you know.
I am fortunate to have a lot of young people in my circle, or at least in the next circle over.  A lot of people …

Two years! Really?

I thought about blogging about motherhood today.  So much to say, so much to do...I sit down and knock the dust off the laptop, open the blogspot and see I have not blogged in two years! And the last time was for mother's day in 2013! I sit and read what I wrote two years ago.  Holy cow! That was a hard time.  I look around at my life now and I think, it is not that bad.  Not at all.  Do not get me wrong, it is always a little hard, but nothing like it was around that Mother's Day - the first as a mother of two.  I say this now for all of my newly mother-of-two out there: it does get easier.

A lot has not changed: still running a business during the busy season, still raising two little ones, still living next door to the in-laws, but everything is easier, perhaps because it was so hard in the beginning. Sofia is now 4 and fully potty trained. Savannah is almost 2 and 1/2 and we are actively potty training her now.  They share a room which is a wreck.  A WRECK! Most days I do…