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Hey folks!

I’ve been a bit lazy about this blog lately. I’ve been working, and when you spend most of your day on a computer you don’t feel much like getting on a computer when you get home. Plus, there has not been much to say. I went fishing for the first time, I still might blog about that later on. I want to thank all of those people who know me and ask me what is happening with the blog. And those who don’t know me but have taken the time to write to me about something I posted. Apparently the last one about my blindness struck a cord.

I want to talk about the confederacy today. I understand it is a touchy subject, but I don’t think some of these southern folks quite get that they lost the war. It’s over. Recently it was “Confederate Memorial Day”. Huh? There is a holiday to remember the war dead already. Apparently no one informed the south. It is the equivalent of Germany having a separate memorial day for the dead Nazis. They don’t. For the same reason you do not see in public i…