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Last pregnancy update

We are having a baby!  I mean, the next time I blog, the next time most of you will see me, I will be a mommy.  It is all very surreal.

I am now 38 weeks.  This whole process started a year ago, and it is scary and exciting to watch it come to a climax.  In preparing for baby I read that women should consider their pregnancy a one year process, since they should start preparing for baby three months prior to conception.  This is what I did, and then it took us  a month to conceive so it has been a full year and then-some.  It has been over a year since I got off the birth control and started taking better care of myself in order to become an incubator.  It has been a challenge and a blessing, and now I will have my baby girl next week!

After reading, oh I don't know about 10 books and researching all things baby, I decided to get an Ob/Gyn and take advantage of all modern medicine has to offer.  I have many friends who have gone the natural midwife way and I respect and admire their…

I love my mommy!

I am sorry I have neglected my blog.  I have been so busy, I don't even know where the time went.  The business is really busy now, as Spring is around the corner and things are blooming.  I am also almost 38 weeks pregnant, and for some reason that seems to consume my life.  Truth be told, I have not blogged because there really has not been anything interesting to blog about, I mean other than baby Sofia and I promised myself (and some of my dear friends) that I would not let the country rican become a baby blog.

The big news in my life since the last blog is that my mom is now with us at our country estate, aka dos gatos, aka my double wide in Dewy Rose.  It may not seem like a big deal to many of you who do not know my story well, but trust me, this is a big deal.  My mother had not gotten on a plane since 1982, when she went to...let's say "take care of some business" in New York City.  Yes, almost 30 years on the island of Puerto Rico, which is indeed paradise,…