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We are having a baby!  I mean, the next time I blog, the next time most of you will see me, I will be a mommy.  It is all very surreal.

I am now 38 weeks.  This whole process started a year ago, and it is scary and exciting to watch it come to a climax.  In preparing for baby I read that women should consider their pregnancy a one year process, since they should start preparing for baby three months prior to conception.  This is what I did, and then it took us  a month to conceive so it has been a full year and then-some.  It has been over a year since I got off the birth control and started taking better care of myself in order to become an incubator.  It has been a challenge and a blessing, and now I will have my baby girl next week!

After reading, oh I don't know about 10 books and researching all things baby, I decided to get an Ob/Gyn and take advantage of all modern medicine has to offer.  I have many friends who have gone the natural midwife way and I respect and admire their choice immensely.  However, I do not feel this is the route for me.  I am 37 years old and having my first child.  I had a lot of medical questions and concerns that I felt were best addressed by actual doctors.  My nurse practioner has been wonderful, I absolutely adore my Ob and the staff of his office, and feel  very comfortable going into this adventure with him.  

During my first visit to Dr. Goggin with Michael, there was a young couple with a newborn in the waiting room who were there to see the nurse practitioner for a follow up visit.  The doctor came out to the waiting room to see the baby, and say hello to the parents, because he would not have time to see them otherwise.  He seemed so warm and affectionate.  When we asked the parents about their experience the father said "I trust him so much that if he told me to leave my baby out in the mailbox I would have done it."  I thought it was funny at the time, but I understand what he means.  Dr. Goggin makes us feel like our baby is the most important baby he will ever deliver.  I always leave the office in a good mood, and he has made me feel truly confident that I can do this.

Anyway, after a lot of careful deliberation we have decided to induce labor next week.  It is weird to pick a birthday, but we have picked February 23rd as our baby girl's birthday.  At my 37 week appointment I was already 2 cm dilated.  At my 38 week appointment I was still 2 cm, and 75% effaced.  I am on my way to having this baby.  Since she is in the 67% percentile for size, he says she should already be approaching the 7 lbs.  His guesstimate is that she will be in the low 7 lbs, 7.3, 7.5 or so.  I think she will be bigger, but I might just be paranoid because of my family history.  Our main concern with waiting is not the size of baby girl, but the fact that we are a 45 minute drive from our hospital.  Waiting for this baby to come naturally is scary to us.  Being an hour away from getting the care we need, being on a country road in the middle of the night, it just seems unnecessary to us, when technology and science can allow us to plan it out. And so we have.

We will check into Athens Regional around 6:30 am  on Wednesday.  I will be given Pitocin and we will see what happens.  My doctor has told me I have a pelvis from heaven.  I am not kidding, he actually said that.  He says he sees an almost 0% chance of a c-section, and that I should have an easy labor experience.  You can imagine how thrilled I am about this.  He says I should have a baby by supper time.  Michael says 4 pm, my mom says 2 pm.  My niece Linda called 3 pm.  I, of course, am hoping to have a baby by lunchtime but I realize I may be too optimistic.  I have been told that I will more than likely be sent home on Friday.  Those of you who are in the area are welcomed to visit us in the hospital, probably on Thursday.  I will not commit to seeing anyone on Wednesday until I have the baby and email/call folks - in case I feel like total crap and do not feel like seeing anyone other than Dr. Goggin, Mami, Michael and Sofia.

By the way, we still have not decided on a middle name for Sofia.  We have a few favorites, but cannot seem to make up our minds.  I encourage you to send me suggestions, as well as guess the time and weight of the baby.  

I am feeling pretty good by the way.  It seems like every day brings a new pain to my already tired body, but nothing worth crying about.  I am tired, I work full 8 hour days and by the time I get home I am pretty worn out just from carrying the extra 26 pounds I have gained and daily beating Sofia gives me from the inside.  I am incredibly fortunate that I can come home to my mom, who is going above and beyond for us.  She is not only keeping the household functioning, she is indeed improving it by organizing and cleaning and making stuff.  As I type, she is sewing extra sheets for Sofia's bassinet.  Yeah, she is pretty amazing. 

I could complain about the recent bouts of nausea, or the terrible last stretch hemorrhoids, or the hip and back pain but I occasionally go on pregnancy forums online and read about women who are so much more worse off than I.  I am grateful for being so healthy, for carrying this child to term who is still bouncing inside of me, and for the help of my dear hubby and my amazing mommy who are keeping me sane and going.  No to mention the people at the greenhouse who are willing to chip in, cover for me while I'm out, bringing me gifts and picking up the crap I seem to drop all the time and can't seem to pick up fast enough in my humongous state.  Andy, Mary, Celeste, Robert and Ann have all taken on extra work to help Michael and I out and I am truly happy to have so many caring folks around me.

Next time you see me I will be a momma!


  1. As to middle name, is there any doubt, "Black Mamba." Sofia Black Mamba Davis. OK, fine, we'll settle for Black Mamba's legal name: Beatriz. Sofia Beatriz Davis. If she ever asks the origin of her name, you can tell her I said: "When you grow up, if you still feel raw about it, I'll be waiting."

  2. @glianny hilarious.

    Lisa good luck!! Also I wouldnt go into it thinking of a 0% chance of c section. We have a secret rule on ob/gyn-the fastest way to a csection is to think you are not going to have one. birth happens the way it happens. don't try to control it. sofia may not like being told what to do... ;P luv ya can't wait!


  3. My dear friend I wish all the best for an amazing birth experience! Pitocin was a roller coaster for me, but I'm glad we were induced. Just know I love you and support you and am so excited to meet Sofia! Pagina

  4. So excited for you and Michael Lisa!! I'll be thinking of you Wednesday and anxious to hear the arrival time of Sofia!! I love you!


  5. I think Bliss would make a beautiful middle name. :-) So glad you have had a good experience with Dr. Goggin. I cannot imagine having a baby with any other doctor.


  6. " in order to become an incubator " , ha!

  7. I will be praying for you all! This is so exciting!!!

    What about Sofia Legere

    The basic Latin verb for "to read" is legere.

    The English word "reading" can be used in a number of different ways that have different translations in Latin:

    1. An instance of reading, or what is read ("Today's reading is from chapter 3"): Lectio
    2. The act of reading ("I love reading"): Legere or legendum, depending on context
    3. A description ("The boy reading in the corner"): Legens
    4. A component of a progressive tense ("I was reading your letter"): by a simple verb form, e.g. legebam "I was reading, I used to read"

  8. I agree with Cheri- Bliss is actually a really neat middle name. You could always name her Sofia Blue after Elijia Blue the love child of Dwayne Allman and Cher. Just a suggestion :) I can't wait to hear the update of a healthy birth.


  9. Congratulations and good luck!


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