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Second pregnancy

Yes, I am pregnant again.  Apparently the people I know are not reading my blog, since every time I mention something about pregnancy on facebook I inform some other friend who was unaware.  This is odd to me, because I announced the pregnancy weeks ago on this blog, and according to my stats it was read by over 100 people.  I must have more friends than I know... Maybe I have strangers who are reading my blog?  If so, "Hi there stranger!"

Indeed this pregnancy is kicking my ass.  My OB says the second is harder for most women, but damn.  I am TIRED! Exhausted really, ALL-THE-TIME!  It is indeed fatigue.  Not to mention I feel sick to my stomach most of the day, have a general feeling of being unwell, and now the headaches have started.  To compare, with Sofia I was not that tired, I was sick to my stomach some, but mostly mid day, and the headaches didn't start until the nausea was gone.  In hindsight it would seem my Sofia belly was pretty easy.  On top of that I had a…