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Motherhood...six months in

Wow!  I just realized my last blog post was 4 months ago, and it was about Sofia.  LOL  Well this one is kind of about her too...sorry folks.  I promise I have other things to write about,  but with Baby Girl turning six months this week it seemed like the right time to write about my motherhood experience.  I will also add that it is Saturday night, past 9 pm and I just now have the time to sit and write.  Michael is at a bachelor party/weekend, Sofia finally went down at 8:30 or so (half an hour past her bedtime), and I finally had a shower. Nothing on TV but Irene... so back to the computer.

I have started to write stuff more than once on other subjects.  I intend to get back to them and post them eventually.  It is just hard to find the time.  I am now back at work full time.  Well, I am usually there by 9 am, and leave somewhere between 5 and 6.  Sofia is with us almost every day, and is quite used to her home away from home.  I am actually in the process of transforming my office…