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Sunday in Georgia

Michael and I wanted to go out and do something this Sunday. Get some fresh air, see some fall color, maybe get a hike in. I would have been content to go to Watson's Mill (which is about a 15 minute drive away). Michael, however, has been wanting to go to Toccoa and maybe see Curahee Mountain (of Band of Brothers fame). So we hit the road towards the Georgia mountains.This picture was taken in the parking lot of the Curahee Military Museum. It was quite interesting. We found out that Curahee Mountain is out of the way and only 1740 feet high, so we changed our mind after the museum and headed for Tullulah Falls and try and get a hike in.

Tallulah Gorge, for those who don't know, is a magnificent two mile deep canyon. The fall color is pretty impressive, there is a great big waterfall, lots of hiking trails, one includes a suspension bridge. If you want to see more pics, go to my facebook page, I will post them all today. We got there at 4 pm or so, so we needed to take …

The Great White Hunter Returns

OK. Laura Banks Lewis is discouraged from reading this post. So is everyone else who might be against hunting.

In Michael's defense he does not hunt for sport, he hunts to eat. He does enjoy grilled deer steak, and makes damn good chili with the ground deer meat.

Most of you heard the story of Michael's 8 point buck he shot last fall. He hadn't hunted in almost 20 years. He went out three times. The third time he went hunting, he came back in less than an hour with his kill. It took like an hour this time, but he got another 8 point buck.

This past Monday Michael and his dad went out hunting. Michael was fidgety after about 30 minutes. Last time he was alone, and brought a book (by Milton Friedman- you know, some light reading). He forgot to bring a book this time so he was quickly bored. When he was just beginning to wonder when he should give up and go home, he saw one in front of him off to his right. As he waited for a clearer shot, he noticed another one in f…

The County Fair

Michael took me last week to the Elbert County Fair. Yeah, I was scared too. I kept hearing about the crazies at the fair, and all that. The only notion of a County Fair that I had came from tv and books, because we don't do this kind of stuff in Puerto Rico. But I am a Country Rican now so I went to the fair.

I was surprised that at first it was not as weird as I expected it to be.

For those of you who have never been to a county fair in a small country county in the deep south I will describe it for you. I took a few pictures with my blackberry- because I forgot my camera. I will not make that mistake again.

First of all you have to pay to get in which was surprising to me. but whatever. Michael had said that he expected it to take 30 minutes for us to make our way around the place. You walk through the gates and you get overwhelmed by the smell of fried foods.

I am not making fun of this, because Puerto Ricans love fried foods so it was like being home. I

never saw fried o…