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The right thing to do

When I was an immigration advisor at UGA I once had to tell a young woman that she was here illegally.  She was an 18 freshman who had gotten herself a job at the dorm when her would be employer told her she could not work and that she would need to go see me.  When I asked her about her legal status she said she had been here for years and was not sure.  I knew immediately what she was.  One of the millions brought here before she could remember anything else, but she was completely unaware. I told her to go home, talk to her parents, and come back with her passport and visa documentation - whatever that may be. When she came back it was as I suspected.  She had been here since the age of 7 on a tourist visa that expired when she was 8.  She was from South America but had no memory of being there.  She was crushed.  She was paying for school with a church scholarship.  A good student and a regular church-goer, she had enough get up and go to get a part time job on campus only to find…

It's a girl!

Yes, the Rican Goddez is producing her second little goddez.  I wanted a boy, because I wanted to experience one of each.  But, alas, the universe decided I should have another girl.

I am truly blessed to be pregnant for the second time.  I am grateful that my old eggs are still working, and that Michael's old boys can still swim.  The most important thing is that the doctor has said she looks very healthy, and that so far at fifteen weeks she seems fine from everything he can tell from an ultrasound.

There are mixed feelings because Michael and I had discussed only having two, so there is a sense of loss of what we will not get to have. Michael told the doctor that Sofia was so perfect he was worried about the second one having to live up to her.  I worry about it too.  The sibling rivalry between two kids less than 2 years apart of the same sex can be intense. Then again, I say I want a boy because I grew up with brothers and I am not too girlie.  But I probably would not know…