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Day 19

This headache!  Nineteen days now... I am better.  I feel better.  I still have a head ache, but on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say it is a 1.   I am fine. Really.  In the grand scheme of things, I think I am pretty good.

I'm blogging this because it is too much to put on a facebook post.  Those of you who care enough will click on the link and read all about it.  If you do not, I will spare you.

I went to the Medical Center in Elberton on day 5 and saw the nurse practitioner.  She prescribed migraine medication and it did nothing for me.  Other than make me light headed on top of the head ache.  I went back that Friday (day 7) and saw Dr. Jonathan Poon.  He said maybe it's a cluster headache.  We'll get you some oxygen and an MRI next week.

It turns out it takes an act of congress to get oxygen for a headache.  I finally got my tank four days after seeing the doctor.  That was day 11.  I actually got a second tank from a different supplier that came on day 14 that sits unt…


It always surprises me when I look at my blog and realize how long it has been since I wrote something on here.  It shouldn't surprise me at this point.  Life gets in the way, I guess.  I know I have said it before, but when you are raising a family and running a small business, there is little time for things like: everything that is not essential.  However, I sit in my office this afternoon and wonder if I am defining "essential" as I should.

It is Easter Sunday.  It is Sunday afternoon and I am sitting in my office waiting to process orders to ship first thing Sunday.  I scheduled more than enough people to handle this, but even good people get sick- or flake- from time to time. This is what responsibility is.  It's showing up and getting it done.  Even on Easter Sunday.  In a perfect world my little family would be hiking near a waterfall.  Instead, we are all here.  But is it THAT bad?  No, it isn't.  My girls are having fun.  They had candy (always availab…