Second pregnancy

Yes, I am pregnant again.  Apparently the people I know are not reading my blog, since every time I mention something about pregnancy on facebook I inform some other friend who was unaware.  This is odd to me, because I announced the pregnancy weeks ago on this blog, and according to my stats it was read by over 100 people.  I must have more friends than I know... Maybe I have strangers who are reading my blog?  If so, "Hi there stranger!"

Indeed this pregnancy is kicking my ass.  My OB says the second is harder for most women, but damn.  I am TIRED! Exhausted really, ALL-THE-TIME!  It is indeed fatigue.  Not to mention I feel sick to my stomach most of the day, have a general feeling of being unwell, and now the headaches have started.  To compare, with Sofia I was not that tired, I was sick to my stomach some, but mostly mid day, and the headaches didn't start until the nausea was gone.  In hindsight it would seem my Sofia belly was pretty easy.  On top of that I had a bit of a bleeding scare a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, this pregnancy has not been as uneventful as the last, and we are still in the start of things.

Good news is that my doctor says the worst weeks are from 8 to 10 weeks usually, so hopefully the worst is past me.  I also feel a bit depressed at times. It is hard to explain, because I am never alone since I have a second heart beating inside me, yet there are moments when during pregnancy I have felt more alone than ever in my life.  My doctor says it is normal, that for some women it is so bad they start talking about abortion.  For me, although I might feel a bit more depressed than last time, I have cried less.  Something I am sure Michael is grateful for.  I think it's because of Sofia.  I may be depressed at times, extremely sick and tired, but I look at her and I know it is worth it.  I also know the pregnancy will get better, because it did last time.  Last time in the first trimester I would sit and cry at lunch and Michael would say: "I guess we ain't having any more?".  LOL  Fortunately, the second trimester is known as the honeymoon, for good reason.  So I push through it and wait it out.   Before I know it I will have another little one in my arms, more than likely the last one so I intend to enjoy it as much as possible.

I intend to milk for all it's worth too.  I may never be pregnant again, so you know, I will never have the excuse of: "Um, I am busy creating life here..."  I have been eating a lot of pizza.  I guess I will be putting on more weight than last time at this rate.  I really need some Chinese food soon too.  Mostly, I just eat a lot of sweet stuff and a lot of saltines because it is what I crave and can tolerate.  Sofia eats a lot of fruit, so I nibble some of that too.  I also dream about going to Puerto Rico in June and eating for two or three or four.  Life is good.

I will try to keep people posted on any developments.  Obviously I can't blog too much.  Between running after a toddler and working full time, at the same time mind you, there is little time left over. Any new and interesting things to share, and I will.  Thank you to all of you who have been so sweet and wishing me well and getting so excited about the new addition.

Oh! Due date is December 4th, but we went in and got Sofia 10 days early so...we think November.



  1. Feel better and Congrats!I am so excited for you two!!! YAY!


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