Barefoot and pregnant

Yes, the Country Rican lives in a trailer and is in fact: barefoot and pregnant.

Remember that anniversary trip to Brevard, NC?  Where Michael broke his toe (it still has not healed) and we chased waterfalls where others have died?  It appears we also made a baby!  Happy Anniversary to us! I have always thought of North Carolina as the best state in the union for many reasons: great schools, beaches, mountains, good weather, the second biggest financial center in the country, etc.. So let's just add one more to the list.

It is intense, and wonderful, and scary... all at the same time. I am now 9 weeks, and have known for a little over a month.  Michael and I chose to keep the news to ourselves for a little bit, then told our immediate family and family of friends.  It has been spreading like wildfire, and I am proud to say everyone has obeyed my wishes and it has been kept off of facebook.  I really dreaded the idea of someone close to me getting the news through a facebook update.  Although, some of you only read the blog when you see I post it on facebook...  So if you are finding out through facebook, I am sorry.  It was not my intention.

Michael is happy and excited.  What follows is my recollection of his reaction- perhaps paraphrased:
     "I knew it! I told you you were pregnant!"
     "Wow! You're pregnant...we... we are pregnant."
     " Dude!  I gotta start saving for college"

From there on out, the baby is referred to as "the parasite", or "Thomas Jefferson Davis" and more recently "Lucas Jackson Davis". If you do not know who Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson Davis, or Lucas Jackson were, look it up.  Thank God we already used Vito Corleone and Carlito Brigante on the cats.   I am sure I will be fighting the Tyler Durden battle soon.

There is no room in Michael's brain for the idea that we could have a girl.  "She will bear me sons" is what he is fond of saying.  Nisha and I tried to explain to him how the sex of the baby comes to be and really, how the man has more to do with it than the woman, but there was no reasoning with the man.  "Nah ah! She had it last so it's on her!".  Really, how can you argue with that kind of logic. In any case, biologically speaking it is still an it.

I was genuinely surprised.  Although Michael and I had decided to try, we had only been trying for a month and expected this to take a lot longer.  We are both 36 years old, and I truly believed I was on my last set of eggs.  Michael's response to this is that he has "the Navy Seals of swimmers" and there is nothing left to say.

I am tickled.  I have been humbled by the response of all I have told.  The person who's face was the most priceless however, was my brother Kano.  He seemed truly overjoyed and being such a softy it was evident in his face.  Thank god for the web cam.

I will now like to share what Michael's best friend Gus had to say upon hearing the news:
     "What?  Really!?  Congratulations man!  Wow!  Is it wrong that I am a little sad?  It's like the end of an era."
The rest of the conversation was the typical lovefest between Michael and Gus, who have shared their bromance for close to two decades.  Michael consoled Gus by telling him how saddened he was by the news  when Gus told him he was proposing to Nisha. Which I remembered vividly and could not believe how sad he was.   Mind you, Michael adores Nisha, was best man at one of their weddings and gave a truly touching speech.  A speech which included the quote from the Godfather wedding: "May your first child be a masculine child."  (Gus returned the favor in his speech at our wedding). One of the best compliments, to me and to her that Michael has ever said out loud: "Gus could not have found a better girl- unless he took mine."  All together now: AWE!  Anyway...Men! The two of you are growing up.  Embrace it!  Stop fighting it!

So there you have it folks.  I have not been blogging because I have been all consumed with this creating life business.  I spent a good 5 weeks sick to my stomach.  I am grateful that I have yet to throw up, but I do carry in my purse one of those barf bags I took from the plane on my trip to Ohio.  You never know, right?   I have also been terribly tired, and I have not been sleeping well.  I usually am ok at work until around 4 ish, when the tiredness starts to settle in.  I count myself lucky, even if my boss says I do not have maternity leave.  His position is women have been having babies for a long time, and there are 7 billion people in the world so how hard can it be?  My answer: Well, you can't do it!  For those who don't know, my boss is also my husband and my baby daddy.

I will also like to give a shout out to my friend Glianny.  She is the proud mother of a beautiful 8 year old girl, and has given me the most down to earth assessment of pregnancy I have ever heard.  She also sent us some books, a giant bottle of Tylenol and  a couple of tubes of Preparation H- all in an effort to prepare me for what is to come.  You gotta love a friend like that.

Finally, in the words of my dear friend Jason Ratliff upon finding out I was pregnant: "Holy Sweet Mother!".

'nuff said.


  1. Congratulations! Wonderful news!!!

  2. Ye-haw! Thats so fun!I wish we were closer so my kids could play with/teach bad habits to your kid!

  3. tyler durden ayala...that could work. my baby sis is having a baby. it's effin' awesome. she's going 2 b a great mom. and she picked some good genes 2 mix ours mr. davis is going 2 b a great dad and pa and ma davis r proly already great grandparents. well great as in wonderful not as in parents of love u lisa, u 2 mike...may ur first child b a masculine child. not that there's anything wrong with the ladies. paz y mas.

  4. Does this mean we can post it on Facebook now? LOL I'm hyped about having a nephew so I'm with Michael on this one.

  5. OMG!!! Congrats!!! I am so happy for you two!

  6. First of all, hopefully I don't sound too ignorant, but who the hell is Lucas Jackson?
    Second (and most importantly I guess) congratulation to both...

    Another very entertaining post.

    What can I say, I imagine you have tons of people telling you about the wonders of parenting and so on, so I won't get into that. I just wish I have had a good friend like "Gus" warning me about the "end of an era". It does not mean I would not have done it but I would have wore a helmet before the collision against the brick wall.

    Just to conclude, as a biologist I have to state that, that "it" has been a "he" or "she" since that nice trip to NC you guys had.

  7. For those movie fans who don't know who Lucas Jackson is, I'll give you a hint:

    "What we've got a failure to communicate."

    BTW, this is Michael, not Lisa.

  8. @ Lydia & Jenny - Thanks!
    @ Lucho & Kano - if it is a boy he will have a great batch of men to look up to!
    @ Gian - I meant the sexual characteristics are not yet visually distinguishable. And Lucas Jackson is otherwise known as "Cool Hand Luke"

    @ Michael - You really need to start signing in as yourself...

  9. Even though I already knew, your blog still made me tear up! Maybe it was because of all the love from you two (despite Gus response!) I did say AW!! (luv ya too mikey!) Also, thanks for not following my own husband's suggestion of not telling me until you already had the

    As for the gender, sure biologically speaking its already chosen (and as to who officially decided that, I leave up to you two now as I've already said my part). But maybe instead of "it" you just need a gender neutral, say "peppy"...peppy the parasite...has a ring to it, no? ;)


  10. so excited for you and Michael!!!!!! your posts always makes me smile. i'm so glad to have you both in my life! love, page


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