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I’ve been a bit lazy about this blog lately. I’ve been working, and when you spend most of your day on a computer you don’t feel much like getting on a computer when you get home. Plus, there has not been much to say. I went fishing for the first time, I still might blog about that later on. I want to thank all of those people who know me and ask me what is happening with the blog. And those who don’t know me but have taken the time to write to me about something I posted. Apparently the last one about my blindness struck a cord.

I want to talk about the confederacy today. I understand it is a touchy subject, but I don’t think some of these southern folks quite get that they lost the war. It’s over. Recently it was “Confederate Memorial Day”. Huh? There is a holiday to remember the war dead already. Apparently no one informed the south. It is the equivalent of Germany having a separate memorial day for the dead Nazis. They don’t. For the same reason you do not see in public in Germany a Nazi flag flying anywhere under the guise of “German Pride” or “Nazi Historic Appreciation”. After World War II the Germans apparently learned a lesson. Yes, they came close to taking over the world. Yes, they had very cool uniforms. Yes, they are probably the most structured, efficient people. And have the best white wine. (I say this as someone who lived in Germany for 3 years). The war is a painful memory and in the spirit of reconciliation they have chosen to close that chapter. Why open a wound that insults Jewish, Polish and all the other deeply affected people? Let us move on.

The south has not learned this lesson. You see the confederate flag everywhere. “Southern Pride” they say. No. It ain’t. You can’t turn something that symbolizes slavery and racism to millions of people into a pride thing. You may see it that way. Maybe you are not racist. Maybe your great grandfather was General Lee, I don’t know. But we are one country. Why open the wound? Why is it worth so much? YOU LOST THE WAR!!! You should not have a separate holiday for your war-dead; we don’t have one for any other war dead. Or do you choose to remember the union soldiers that also died? No, those are remembered on the actual Memorial Day that has been in place for years.

Let me put it this way. Think about how you felt when 9/11 happened? How would you feel if Muslim Americans had a flag with the picture of the World Trade Center crumbling down and then said “This represents Arab Pride, not terrorism”. Think about it.

The Elberton Star this week had three big headlines this week. One read: “Crowd Control” and spoke about problems in an underprivileged neighborhood that is having a lot of fights and assaults.

Another one talked about how Elbert County’s unemployment rate is higher than other surrounding counties. It is currently above 15%. On the same front page - no relation, of course.
The third interesting headline showed a local business owner playing a guitar with the confederate flag on it. Something about him befriending Bo Duke (as in The Dukes of Hazard, the TV show, not the movie remake) and behind him was a collection of memorabilia from the show. I’m not saying he is a confederate fan; he’s probably just a TV junkie (like myself) and loves the show. Still, in Elbert County there is no consideration that the flag- even if on a guitar as part of Duke’s memorabilia- can offend people. My point is this: people have a right to be offended. Every time I see it I cringe as I do when I see a swastika. By the way, what we know as a swastika was a mystic symbol way before the Nazi’s, but they ruined it for everyone else. You know, as slavery and the death of 600,000 Americans should have ruined the confederate flag for all of us.

My other point it that the three headline are in fact related and could’ve been one story that read something like this:

“In Elbert County, where unemployment stands above 15%- higher than it’s surrounding counties and the national average- police has seen an increase in assaults and altercations in the poorest parts of town. These areas are traditionally the most affected by harsh economic times, since their education and overall standard of living is lower. The cycle of poverty continues in the rural south, where there is little opportunity and even less inspiration. Most local businesses are closing down, but at least one of our business owners got to meet a has been TV star. Don’t worry about that flag on the guitar. It’s about the Dukes of Hazard and Southern Pride”

For the record, Michael has known this business owner since he was 4 years old and vouches for him as a great guy. Honest, trustworthy and all that good stuff. I’ve met him once or twice, he seems nice enough. But that is the problem. This would be cut and dry if only horrible mean racist people flew the darn flag. Maybe some of you will read this and finally get what I’m talking about. You may not mean to, but you are hurting people.

Here’s the thing. In a place that not too long ago still had separate waiting rooms in the doctor’s office for black and white folks, we should be looking to make the community better for everyone. When the local businesses are closing up and fights are breaking out in the ghetto it’s time to work together and not promote things that separate us. If I were a rebellious 16 year old and saw the cover of the local newspaper I would a) maybe decide the paper is not worth reading, b)think I’m never going in THAT store c) think I got to get out if this place. None of those options are good for the community. Wake up people. We are in this together, for bettor or worse.


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  2. I like this post. That summarizes my thoughts exactly.

  3. Hey! SOmeone was able to post!!! Maybe I fixed it!

  4. wow...ok...ummmmm...lmao. where 2 begin? gotta say u might've hurt ur ratings with some of ur readership...yikes. that said, i've never really looked at it like that, cuz sometimes i see the american flag playing that swastika role. better wear ur flag 2 the debates mr. candidate. hell, most any flag will do. they usually represent someone kicking someone else's ass in the name of some group of rich powerful ppl. i think we can have regional pride without all the props. putting that much power behind a piece of cloth is crazy. then again, that would argue the point that those oppressed by that same piece of cloth shouldn't embed so much energy in it either. fuck a flag. apologies 2 those who r sensitive 2 that powerful 4 letter i mean, if the flag waving is being used in a positive spirit like in sports and what not, fine. but when it is used like the southern cross has been...i can see the problem. with an ancient symbol like the ones used by the nazis...i prefer 2 think that they retain their ancient origin. fuck a nazi. sry.

  5. This is the same reason I can't fly my Israeli flags! I'm always afraid of offending someone.

    Glad your back Lisa! I'm always slow and keeping up, but love reading your blog. I think about you every day my dear!


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