PiGi... we think.

Wow...I have seriously neglected the blog.  I have been busy though, as those of you closer to me know.  I was in Puerto Rico for 9 days visiting with my parents and brothers and nieces.  It was a nice calm time.  Forcibly calm, since I am pregnant and do not drink, there was no clubbing or Medallas for me.  Plus, we had record rainfall during that week so there was not much beach time either.  Kano and I managed to sneak in one beach morning before the rain hit which was fabulous.  Otherwise, it was rain all the time.  We actually broke the record for most rain in a years time the first week of October - ever.  Or at least since they have been keeping records.  Some areas got 15 inches of rain in 5 days.  Yeah... But it was a good time nevertheless.  My Mami spoils me terribly on regular trips, try to imagine the spoiling going on when I'm pregnant.

El Kano, Mami, me, Lucho & Papi in the back.  Andrea and Camila modeling in the front.  This is the best we could do all together...check out my dad's t shirt for the baby shower. :)
My mom and aunt had a baby shower for me.  Most of my high school buddies and some family members came by.  It was a good time and my baby girl got some clothes and money which is always good.

Michael seemed to enjoy my absence at first.  He was back to his bachelor days... watching whatever he wanted on the TV, eating and drinking without concern for anyone else, probably relieved to not have a pregnant woman complaining about something all the time... But that only lasted about 4 days and then things started falling apart.  I won't bore people with the details of it but the big one is he lost my cat.  Now, it could have happened to anyone at anytime.  When a door does not latch well and stays open... shit happens.  But it happened to Michael and it happened in my absence so now I feel like I can't leave him alone again. Maybe that was his plan? It will be three weeks tomorrow since Vito went on his country adventure and still no sign of him.  The good news is that there are no dead cats on the roads around us.  The bad news is we are deep in the country and he could be anywhere back in the 100+ acres that are our back yard.  There are stray cats out there, one that we suspect is his mother, so I like to think his cat family lives back there and he has reunited with them and has gone wild.  Maybe when it gets really cold he'll come back to us, but for now we have made peace with the fact that Vito has left us, though we miss him terribly.

No one misses him more than Carlito.  Carlito was home that faithful day when Michael came home for lunch to realize the door had not shut behind him.  Carlito was in bad shape.  At first aggressive, then very needy.  So much so that Michael allowed him to spend the night in our room.  For the year and a half we have had Carlito he rarely meowed, but he started meowing after his brother left.  He was needier at first, rubbing up against us more, following us around the house, coming to sit on the couch more.  But then he just seemed depressed. Staring out the window more, not eating his wet food.  So we made the decision responsible pet parents make: it's time to get him another cat.

I search the local pound and shelters online.  I called my friend at the vet office, I looked all over petfinder.com... looking for the perfect companion for my Carlito.  We finally decided to take a trip to Pet Supplies Plus on Saturday afternoon because we knew some local shelter would be there showing rescued pets. And it was there we met our new little girl.

We knew we did not want an older cat because we feared a big territorial fight.  We also knew a tiny kitten wouldn't do because Carlito can be aggressive, so we needed a young cat that could hold his or her own.  Michael said we should not seek out another black cat out of respect for Vito... but he really just wanted a white cat so he could name him "Benny Blanco from the Bronx" to go with Carlito Brigante... Ignoring that Benny kills Carlito but that's neither here nor there...  The reality is when you go looking for a pet the pet sort of chooses you, and whatever preconceived idea you had goes out the window because the chemistry is either there or it isn't.  The shelter ladies had a large short haired white cat that looked like a white Vito.  Looked right, but he didn't take to me at all, so that one is out.  There was this cute little black boy that had the cutest white mark on his nose and white paws that took to Michael... exactly what he said he didn't want: another black cat.

This is her, sitting but asleep on the couch between me and Michael.
The lucky new member of the family turned out to be a five month old female white and tabby spunky little thing.  They named her Jazzy, as a fitting description of her personality.  She was affectionate, and a little hyper.  Took to me and to Michael. Cute as a button so we decided we'd take her home.  She was hard to resist, as most kittens are. Michael called her DJ Jazzy Jeff for a little while, but it didn't seem right.

"Who is this new creature?"
We took her home and Carlito did not know what to do with her at first.  There was a little hissing from him, so we decided to chaperon them for the time being.  I tried talking to Carlito about it, telling him this little girl will be his new sister or girlfriend, who knows?  To which Michael responded: "It doesn't matter which because we are in the south."  LOL  Those jokes never get old... In any case, Carlito had his reservations about this new creature in his home.  She however, did not.  Coming from an animal shelter, I am sure she was used to the hissing and the drama of new cats coming together.  She paid him no mind.  She was exploring her new home and was excited to have  one.  If only she had a name...

We have tried every name (movie related of course) we could think of.  Penny Lane, Gina, Beatrix Kiddo, Ripley, Elvira, Benny Blanco (why not), Pachanga, Jen Yu, Puchi, Honey Rider, Pussy Galore, Mulan, Anita, Mia Wallace, Margo Channing you name it.  We couldn't find any that matched her personality.  We are going with PiGi for now to see if it fits.  It was Michael's idea and I am not going to explain it here but I hope you guys are smart enough to figure it out.  Bragging points will be awarded to those who can name every movie from which the previous names came from...

It's been almost two days now and Carlito and PiGi said hello this morning (when Michael freed her from her isolation chamber - a.k.a. the guest room) by touching noses and not hissing at each other.  We have left them unattended this morning with the run of the house, Michael will check on them to make sure they are both alive and no one has lost an eye.  They spent the whole day together yesterday, and there were few hisses and confrontations.  They have yet to take a swipe at each other so I think they will be OK.  This morning at breakfast we noticed there was some chasing going on, but it was playful.

I know this is more than most of you wanted to know about our cats...but it is what  was on my mind and what has been happening in the country rican household so there you have it.

The baby has started kicking too, but you can't really have a whole blog about the sensation in your stomach when you first realize there is a baby moving inside of you, or when she gives you a  swift round house for the first time... so I figured I'd spare you all that.
"I am here to stay...deal with it!"


  1. she looks so serious in the last pic...lol. what u gon' do if vito comes back? guess u'll have 3 cats. it's a short comment, but it's a comment nonetheless...lol. hope they get along ok. i want 2 read more about the kicking tho'. that's fascinating 2 me...li'l bit just kicking away at u...2 cute.

  2. She looks older than 5 months...you actually thought to name her pussy galore??

  3. @ Dama - Michael's a 007 fan :)
    @ Kano - the next one will be about the baby...maybe. You and Jen seem interested so...

  4. Welcome PiGi! So happy for Carlito to have a friend now:)


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