For most people getting a hair cut is routine, but not for me. I am all about the hair. I hate to be conceded, but most of you guys know me and know I have a goddess complex, so why pretend? I have great hair. Thanks to my Mami and my Papi, because let's face it: it is just good genes. Come to think of it, are you really conceded when you have nothing to do with it? Can I take credit for my hair if it is just an inheritance? Think about it... Anyway, my hair is very abundant and thick, it is a very rich brown color and is very straight. It used to be dead straight, like Chinese hair. In my thirties it has started to get a bit of a curl, a little more life in it. We all have African roots, and in Puerto Rico we say everyone's sliver comes out eventually. I have been praying for my bit of "negrita" to come out for years, but I digress.

My hair has not been above my shoulders since I was in the fourth grade, got lice, and my mom had the hairdresser chop it off. I trace my hair obsession back to that single event. Having lice was traumatic. My mom tortured me. First she chopped the hair off. Then, every day after school there was a constant grooming, searching, plucking, and the washing of hair. This is why I am so meticulous with my hair. And this is why I never cut it short.

But, my hair was becoming a nuisance. Michael claims my hair broke our vacuum cleaner. He opened it up and fixed it, but he claims it was my hair that was choking the brush and stopped it from working. I'm inclined to believe him.

So I called my Michelle, and talked to her about it. A good hairdresser is more than someone who cuts your hair, she is a friend and a counselor. She has in her hands how the world sees you, to a certain extent. Page took me to Michelle over 5 years ago, and I love her to death. She knows me, and I trust her implicitly with my prized possession- my hair.

I told Michelle I wanted to cut it up to my shoulders. I did not have a style picked out. When I told Michelle I didn't know what to do, she said:"I know what I want to do,will you let me?". LOL I told her about the shoulder length thing, and she said OK. Cut away, and man did she! It has been 27 years since my hair was short, so I am really still getting used to it.

I want to say that I had told Michael I was going to cut it shoulder length. He said and I quote:"Do whatever makes you happy, just don't go Sinead on me." I never thought it was going to be this short. Michelle says it is shoulder length, but it just doesn't seem like that to me. Michael confessed that he didn't like the idea, and that he didn't think he was going to like it. He just didn't want to say so before hand because it is my hair, and he knows me better than to say he forbids anything. He sees me, and I say "My hair is short!". He responds without skipping a beat in his best Forrest Gump voice: "But you don't have any hair Lt. Dan". I love my husband.

He likes it. There was an awkward moment when I washed my hair and it was very very short on my head wet when he said it was "scary short". LOL But when dry he likes it. It is sassy, but it is a change, and I am not used to it yet. It is nice not to constantly have your hair into something, or to pull your own hair in your sleep because it is so long that you literally lay on it on your pillow, and as you turn around asleep you wake yourself up with the tugging. Everyone who has seen it has liked it, and I like it too, but it will take some time to get used to. And it will grow. I mean, it is just hair right? ;)

Happy Birthday Nisha Bhatt!


  1. Michael has pointed out that I used "conceded" where I should've used "conceited". I stand corrected. (English is not my first language!)

  2. I Love it! I told you it would look good, and you look much younger. Ojala yo tuviera el pelo asi para cortarmelo tambien, pero yo si creo que Gian me mata. Es lo unico que me ha pedido en la vida.


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