Trying to get back into the swing of things

I have not blogged since last year. We are at the end of the month and I figured it is time to put something down. The main reason I have not written anything is because I started working in the New Year at the family business and have tried to get used to the new routine.

Officially I am the human resources manager at Davis Floral Company, Inc. Unofficially I am Michael’s sounding board, gofer, and all around slave. I am at the green house between 45-50 hours a week. I do not make a lot of money, but the company pays for my health insurance, and I do not have a lot of expenses so really I am rich. Also, I am around family all day and I am helping with the family business/livelihood so it’s a good feeling at the end of the day.

I am in an interesting position at work. I do not make that much money, but I am considered management. The employees in the greenhouse see me as “the Mrs.” And treat me like this is my business because I am married to Michael. I don’t feel like it is my business, so it is weird to be treated as “the boss”. The staff is about half English speaking and half Spanish speaking. I feel like the latino staff really appreciates having one their own in the office-especially the women. That is kind of cool.

As far as working with the family it had been pretty good. I barely deal with my father in law, but when I do he is usually in good mood. My mother in law is crazy busy, and we work more closely together but she treats me a good deal of respect. I do feel like everyone is very careful not to offend me, as the new wifey and newest employee and all. The office staff consists of my mother in law, an older woman who is set to retire this year, and a young woman who is 25 years old.

Witnessing the family working together is an eye opener. It is amazing that they have not killed each other. Robert and Ann have been working together for almost 40 years. Michael has been working with them for 6 years. It is insane. Think about where you work, and how you interact with your colleagues. Think about the last time someone offended you at work, or the last time you offended them. Maybe you asked someone to do something and they felt like you were ordering them to do it. Maybe a colleague asked for your help and you never got around to it. Maybe, you were yelled at for a mistake. Now, think that one of those people who you went home holding a grudge against was your mom, or dad, or son, or wife. Crazy, right? For five years I have been spending holidays with this very normal southern family not knowing how they really interact on a daily basis. It is amazing they get along so well at home!

Michael and I have gotten along well. No problems to report at all at work. The problems are at home adjusting to me not being there all the time. So the house is messier, and meals are not as good, and there is laundry to be done all the time. But this is something we would have to figure out no matter where I worked, so all things considered we are doing good. I am amazed at the level of confidence he has in me every day. His answer to most questions is: “How do you think it should be done?” When I answer, he says: “OK, do that.” Not that I am not as brilliant as he thinks I am, it is just that I know nothing about the green house business or flowers, so I am shocked at how laid back he is and the level of confidence he has in me. Of course, he would not let me near a plant and for good reason.

In other news, I was going to tell you I have a mice problem, but it turns out my mice have a cat problem. It grosses me out to think about it so I will not give you any details. Suffice it to say Vito and Carlito are very happy.

More soon…


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