Has it been three weeks?

I don't know folks, time is going by too fast.  I cannot believe it has been almost 3 weeks since I last blogged.  I mean, I have been busy, but... it just doesn't seem like it's been so long!

Anyway, I do not have anything major going on to blog about at this time, so let me just update a couple of issues...

My brother Lucho just had a birthday.  He is 38 years young.  One of these days when I have nothing to write about I'll get mushy about him...

Michael and I went to Columbus Ohio for a conference.  It was huge and interesting.  Columbus was a nice little city, and I had great meals every day.  While there I went to their "German Village" and went to a place called The Book Loft.  It was awesome.  32 rooms of books...labyrinth-like.  Overwhelming!  Those of you who know Michael, know he can be a little shy and quiet with people when he does not know them well.  This is why he browbeated me into joining the business.  I have no shame.  I will speak to anyone at anytime and do my best to charm them.  So there we were, wandering the floor of this big expo hall with me trying my best to make every broker/sales person/rep feel like we are old friends.  Michael thinks I am terribly charming and hard to resist, but then again he married me so how objective can he be?  For all I know I'm a terrible bore.  OK, OK... let's  face it.  I am too full of myself to think I'm boring but I doubt I am as good as he thinks I am.

We got stuck in Columbus for an extra night because of the Atlanta airport, which apparently makes it it's mission on earth to ruin every travellers day at some point in time.  It was not so bad, but it was a nuisance to say the least.  I honestly don't know how people travel regularly.  Much props to my compay Gustavo who seems to go through airports at least once a week and does it gracefully.  I would be suicidal.

Anway, you might notice that my blog has ads now.  I have joined ad sense and I am allowing google to shamelessly advertise on my blog in an effort to get money.  I am not entirely sure how to make it better, but I have noticed there are A LOT of articles out there on how to improve the quality of your ads to increase your profit.  I just do not have the time or the inclination to read them.  So if anyone out there reading this understands this better than I, I welcome the feed back.  As it is, all I know is I authorized them to do it, and I should get a few cents for every time someone clicks on an ad from my blog.  I activated it like 10 days ago, and although I have not posted anything since then- I have made 22 cents!  Not too shabby! I mean, now that I posted, and people know to look, I might get a few dollars by the end of the year!  I'll let you guys know when I do...

On a separate update kind of note:  We have been back from our North Carolina trip for over a month and Michael's toe is still not healing.  It's better, but not as better as you would hope.  We might have to go to the doctor two months after the fact to see what's up!

I basically felt like I needed to write something to make sure poeple know I am still alive out here in the country, and to encourage visits to my blog to see if I get any money.  Isn't that a fun experiment? 

By the way, I found out Dewy Rose has been taken off the map of Georgia...so I am now off the radar yo!


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