October already!

Sigh! How time flies when you are working and pregnant and raising a toddler... I was thinking about naming this "baby update" and then I saw the last blog was over a month ago and it was in essence a baby update.  I wish I had more time to write about the stuff that runs around my brain.  I sit at work on a rainy Monday with no motivation to do anything that requires actual brain power.  I just filed a bunch of old invoices.  It needed to be done, but alphabetizing does not require that much effort so I went ahead and did it.  I also sent a couple of emails I had been meaning to send.  I shredded some stuff.  I have stuff to do, don't get me wrong, but between the rain and my belly I just can't get worked up enough to do it.  It is 4 pm already...so hopefully Michael won't be too mad at me for blogging rather than starting something new.

A month ago my mom and brother Kano came to stay with us.  Kano stayed for a short time and is now back in Puerto Rico, enjoying the Caribbean sun while I sit here listening to the rain outside, contemplating how tomorrow night the temperature will drop down to 54 and whether or not that tornado watch in Clarke County is going to turn into a warning and come here.  Sigh!  My mom is at home running after Sofia, wondering why my little girl is such hell on wheels.  The answer to that question is she is just like her daddy, but I am sure that does not comfort my mother much as she runs after her to take the bar of soap she is trying to eat out of her mouth.  Or gets her off the washing machine she managed to climb up on because that chair was close enough for her to move it.  Or pries her off the cat as she squeezes her "lovingly" one more time.

We went to get the last ultrasound done last Friday.  The doctor informed me that Savannah Elena is just as big as Sofia Carolina was at this stage, no bigger.  In fact, Savannah Raquel is maybe an ounce lighter.  My belly is much bigger than last time.  I guess this is good news though.  I pushed Sofia for two and a half hours.  The thought that Savannah Zoe would be bigger is a scary thought indeed.  However she seems to be the same size so far, momma is just bigger.  Oh well.  I am all belly and boobs, same  as last time.  It is not like my face or arms are much bigger.  I don't know, maybe it is all those cookies after all...

Another development has been the increase in contractions and cramps. My doctor informed me that the baby is breached and her head is still pointing up.  He believes at this point in the pregnancy last time Sofia was already shifting.  So naturally I probably never felt the shift happen because she was smaller when it did. he says that the only way my body knows to make her shift is by contraction, which causes cramps, and can be quite uncomfortable for me, the later it happens.  I can safely say that I have been feeling Savannah Alyssa as she shifts all day yesterday and today.  I actually believe she is currently sideways.  I am hoping Savannah Elise decides to slightly head downward sooner rather than later...

On that same note, having my mom here is such a blessing.  I honestly do not know how I would do it without her.  At this point, with my belly as big as it is, I can hardly get Sofia in and out of the crib.  I hardly give her baths anymore, my mom does that for me.  I do not know how women do it without help.  It must be insane!  Michael has been off the hook a lot too, because in the past if I had too much with Sofia he would do most of the cooking and the kitchen cleaning, which my mom does as well.  I know, all my friends who have been pregnant with a small child are terribly jealous right now, and they should be.  Just remember, my mommy is mine and you can't have her!  Honestly though, my mother lost her mother as a child, and she is the quintessential mom, doing everything she wishes someone had done for her.

In case you didn't notice, we are stuck on a name - again.  Michael really likes Savannah and sort of decided that was her name.  We started calling her that and now it is kind of sticking.  At first I had my reservations about it.  However, "Sofia & Savannah" sound right.  Plus, I looked it up and it's origin is from the Spanish "Sabana" meaning open plain, which in turn comes from the Taino (native) word meaning the same thing.  Also, it is the name of a city in Georgia and Sofia's middle name is Carolina (as in North, not South) or the city in Puerto Rico.  It was also Michael's grandmother's middle name, although rumor has it she hated it.  I think it is beautiful and very southern, and cannot imagine hating it.  Although I am sure both my girls will one day tell me they hate their names as most people do.

The first name we really liked was "Maya" which is full of culture and history and an awesome name.  However, we started calling the baby Maya and we never felt it was right.  It just would not stick.  We even tried the Savannah Maya for sometime but that didn't feel right either.  Too much "A" maybe?  Or perhaps it just was not meant to be with me and that name, as much as I like it.  That is the way it goes sometimes. We feel we have to keep trying until one feels right.  maybe Savannah Eva will actually like her name.  Savannah Julia? Savannah Julieta?  Savannah Olivia?  My mom would say "Savannah Noelia".  Actually she'd say "Noelia Savannah" because she is stuck on Noelia like I am stuck on Maya...Maybe one of my grandchildren will be Maya....Perhaps Savannah Carina will use it one day for her daughter...


  1. Savannah Elena is
    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! My favorite:-)


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