"You think you're big time? You're gonna f&^%!@^ die big time"

Did I mention we live in the country?

Michael and I are comfortably on the couch, watching the bulldogs kick some game cock ass when we hear Carlito growling. We know it's Carlito because Vito hardly ever makes a sound. Unless he's hungry in which case he meows loudly. So Michael gets up to check on him, thinking he must have gotten into the trash again.

Michael comes back saying "You don't want to know." LOL He knows me well so I am worried. Carlito has a live mouse in his mouth. He is growling because he is worried Vito is gonna take him away. See photo evidence above.

After a few minutes we see two cats, and no mouse. Now I'm worried that the mouse is in my bed or something. Eventually they found him, and yes, they tortured him to death.
Poor mouse had a worse night than Spurrier...

Oh yeah. Eventually Michael threw the carcass outside (because that's what you do in the country)

Go Dawgs!


  1. i know ive lived in the country too long bc i have seen this live and in person way too many times. not only mice but moles and yes a bird. i am scared of all above, yes even birds, lol. im not scared of bees though =~)


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