It's a girl!

Yes, folks, yesterday Michael and I found out that in fact we are having a girl.  I am very upset about this, because everyone knows little girls belong to their dads.  It is not fair... after all my cats have already abandoned me for Michael, now this...

Of course I am kidding.  I found the whole thing comical yesterday.  Especially the part where I have to watch my husband struggle with the news.  Anyone that knows Michael knows that he will be completely taken by a baby girl, but he doesn't seem to know that yet. Thank God for the technology because he has 22 weeks to get used to the idea.  After all, we watched "Bend it like Beckham" last weekend (which he had not seen before) and towards the end was very emotional stating that if we had a little girl she would watch this movie as soon as she was old enough to follow it.  Girl power all the way! But I digress...

I was ecstatic, because my doctor is awesome.  He is so into babies it is cute.  After 27 years of practicing medicine he really does make you feel like your baby is the first he has seen.  I would like to thank Cheri Bliss publicly once again for recommending Dr. Goggin to me.  Anyway, back to the ultrasound.  The doctor is chatting us up, asking about how I feel, my health blah blah blah, let's cut to the chase.  He asked us about how many brothers and sisters we each had, how many brothers and sisters Michael's dad had, apparently in an effort to guess but we made it tough for him.  It was clear we preferred a boy.  Michael because he is a man who doesn't know what a blessing a girl will be in his life, and the whole Davis name thing.  Me, simply because I grew up with brothers and have three nieces, I felt it was time for more testosterone.  But really, the main concern is the health of the baby.

The doctor starts poking around at the baby, checking for any signs of developmental issues and he is excited about how healthy and normal she looks.  "This is one healthy baby" he says.  I can breathe a sigh of relief now.  He checks the head, the nasal bone, the humerus or whatever it's called, and announces that this is an awesome baby, healthy in every visible way on a 18 week ultrasound.  Whew!  Thank God!  Now we can fun right? Right...

Obviously, she is a looker!
The doctors body language gets a little tense as he starts examining what in Puerto Rico we call "la tablilla" or "the tags".  Michael says "it's a girl" just by judging the doctors mood shift.  I start laughing.  I'm tickled.  He could've said it's a vampire and I probably would have giggled.  The doctor says "it looks like a girl but I'm not done".  He pokes the wand thingy around some more and concludes without a doubt "Oh yeah, this is a girl!" Michael, well rehearsed, says "Awe.  Daddy's little girl".  I tell the doctor I had previously warned him about cursing in the doctor's office.  We all have a laugh.

We start with the commentary.  She is a wiggly little thing.  Moving around like a break dancer.  Michael says "God, I'm already worried about her getting pregnant".  The doctor laughs and says "I hear ya', I got two girls myself."  It is all very comical to me.  I am focused on how big she has gotten since the 11 week ultrasound.  Her head and her big round belly.  The technology is truly amazing.
Look at her profile!

After the doctor Michael and I got eat.  We called our mothers who both laughed, because that is what mothers do.  Then we started sending text messages to people, too many to call one on one.  The responses are funny.  Michael is a little gloomy.  Talking about how he does not know what he will do with a girl.  Worried about a culture that encourages little girls to be "whores in training" as he puts it.  The bad influences.  Here's another good Michael quote " I am concerned that most of the world will consider my girl a suitable sexual partner by the age of 12."  Yeah.  

I assure him that it is up to us that she will not be a whore in training.  Later on I tell him that really there is nothing he would do with a son that he could not or should not do with a daughter.  He can't think of anything either.  So yes, she will be out there hunting and fishing, working out and watching college football.  The conversation took a true feminist turn.  He will do his best to make sure she is good in science and math.  None of this "Girls aren't as good in math" for his little girl.  "Lisa, you have to let your friends and family know we don't want all this girly pink crap".  She needs a microscope, books, physics books at that.  I sit there amused.  Of course I agree.  If it were a boy the same applies.  A parent should have the same expectations of their child, gender specific stuff bugs me too.  I tell him I'm with him.  Yeah some pink is nice.  A dress or two, but just because she's a girl does not mean we need to focus on appearance and fashion.  Intellect, ideas, personal development, character, that's what's important, right?  He then slips into talk of chastity belts and I tune him out a bit.

I like to lie in this position too.
She has a strong backbone... I think she's an Ayala!
We visited with Page and Rob and their 3 day old son Collin.  Collin is just precious.  With his brand new baby smell, a full head of hair and the McCorkle nose... Michael and I start teasing Rob and Page that they better keep their little boy away from our little girl.  Michael does own a few guns you know... And so it begins...

From further away...look at the fat belly and big head!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!! That is wonderful news! :-)

  2. GREAT!!!!!! Se que criaran un excelente ser humano! Se que la enseñaran a pensar por si misma. Me resultó conmovedor el blog!

  3. i love you both & know you are going to be wonderful parents! thank you for visiting us! we are so excited about your baby girl!


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