My dear husband

My Michael is turning 37 years young this Thursday.  I know I am a bit biased, but he looks freakin' fantastic!  I'm not kidding.  If I could get him to pose for a sexy pic I'd post it on here for you guys to admire his body of work (so to speak).  But maybe you guys just have to trust me on this one...

As some of you know he has been trying to do the Paleo diet.  This is responsible for the quick fat loss he's experienced without a doubt, but I still think it is unhealthy and a bit cultish.  Anyway, he has a blog where he has talked about such things... in case you didn't know it's Southern Fried Paleo

Michael's cabbage, zuchinni and onion dish... 
 When I say "trying" I mean he does his best to follow it.  I, however, am stubborn and pregnant and refuse to join in.  So while he is buying spinach by the pound and wilting it with red cabbage (which stinks by the way...) I am ordering Domino's, buying caramel ice cream and double stuffed Oreos.  It is not that I am trying to sabotage his efforts, it's that my effort of creating life is much more important, and so I win.

His other obsession is working out.  He has decided he will do all the named CrossFit workouts as Rx'd by my due date of March 5th. For those of you who do not know about CrossFit, I don't know what to tell you.  The Paleo diet is cultish, CrossFit is a cult.  I was referring to it as a cult long before a column in the New York Times did.  Even before Michael purchased the documentary "Every Second Counts" in which the avid fans admit it is a cult, "but a good cult."  Anyway, the workouts are intense, very difficult, frequently done for time.  To learn more visit:  Rest assured I am not trying to promote this thing, I want you to be in awe of it's lunacy and understand what I put up with when my husband walks in the door all sweaty and says "I just did Fran".  The workouts are named after women (for no particular reason other than sexism- as far as I know) and for soldiers and first responders KIA.  It is quite touching to read the story of some poor twenty-something staff sgt killed before his time in Afghanistan, and it always moves me a little to see that these crazy work out junkies are doing what they can to honor them.  It goes without saying that Cross Fit is ridiculously popular among military, police, fire fighters, etc.

Which is why it is cool that they do this charity thing that Michael is now participating in, on his birthday weekend.  It's been going on for 5 years now, and they have raised over 2 million dollars, which as Michael put it, it's not Oprah big, but still significant.  To read more about the charity itself go here: To understand what the hell "Fight Gone Bad" is go here:  If you can stand the whole video, you can see it is kind of an inside joke amongst crossfit people and the UFC.    In any case, it is a crazy workout. But the fact that so many people are willing to do it to raise money for these charities is pretty cool.  

On a cute side note, when I was working out to get in shape for our wedding, Michael designed a cross fit type workout for me.  As many of you know I am a weakling, and in no way shape or form could I ever do any of these as prescribed.  He adjusted "Fight Gone Bad" for me and renamed it "Minor Scuffle Gone Bad".  I can't remember who I told about this that thought the amazing part of the story was not that he redid one for me, but that he renamed it.  LOL  You can throw up now.  

Anyway, Michael has a touch of OCD, so he takes this working out business very seriously.  He has slowly built himself a gym in the warehouse of the green house where he has everything from weights with rubber plates, to a climbing rope, kettle bells, you name it.  It is without a doubt the best gym in Elbert County.  

Why am I telling you this?  Well I love my husband.  He can be a pain in the ass, and he denied me my first pregnancy craving (which he will pay for for the rest of his life), but he really works hard.  Not only does he work hard in our business day to day, but he works hard at working out, and then he comes home and puts up with a whiny pregnant wife who sometimes makes him eat his food at another table so she won't smell it, or refuses to cook certain things for him, or just plain cries for no apparent reason.  Plus, he is terribly hot!

His birthday is this Thursday, and he has to make his fund raising goal in just one week, because like most men, he decided he was doing this one week before the event- leaving him little time.  I figure the least I can do is help spread the word to help him reach his goal, after all it is for charity...

To help Michael reach his goal, go here:

Oh!  And I'll take pictures of him actually doing the work out at the event, so we an all embarrass him with comments about his muscles...

Michael cooking his paleo crap (looking good doing it too!)


  1. Crossfit loves and promotes strong women (and men, too). Thus, naming difficult workouts after women isn't misogyny so much as homage. The Crossfit ideal is the antithesis of the skinny/anorexic model. At the same time, their ideal isn't the "yes, I have a vagina, but I'm obviously using so much male growth hormone that I have 5 o'clock shadow by 9 am."
    There is a fairly happy medium:

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